Apr. Manufacturing Update: On Track With Exciting Changes!

Apr. Manufacturing Update: On Track With Exciting Changes!

In this update we have an exciting development to share with you all! In the last update we shared how we were able to source a large number of components despite the ongoing global shortages and shipping issues.

One of those components was the motor which pumps the water from the reservoir to the mouthpiece. Normally, this would be a pretty uneventful event, but the motor we sourced was able to output the same power in a much smaller overall form factor!

The original motor was so large that it took up nearly the entire rear of the unit. This required us to utilize the outer shell to cover the old motor while the reservoir sat up front. But the new motor is so small that we’re able to wrap the reservoir around the motor and do away with the outer plastic shell!

Here’s how that design looks:

Instafloss Latest Design

To show this a little more clearly, here’s a diagram from the side, where you can see the transparent reservoir shown by the dotted lines and where the motor is/was in gray.

Instafloss Motor Comparison

With the motor no longer blocking the back of the unit, the new design has the advantage of allowing you to see through the top of your Instafloss, making the Instafloss appear smaller on your countertop. This was actually the original design we wanted, but we were limited by the motor at the time, so we’re super excited about this development! 

Another Exciting Development: Colored Housings and Handles

There is another exciting new development that we’ve been able to confirm with the manufacturer: Thanks to you guys, we are able to manufacture enough units where it’s economical to make a limited run of unique color Instafloss units. So instead of producing color sleeves that cover only part of the Instafloss, for those who ordered the “Color Sleeve'' perk we are going to manufacture your Instafloss in that color. This will look much better and be exclusive to you.

Instafloss Color Choices

This update comes at no penalty to manufacturing times, which remain on track for the same outline laid out in our last post. 

Here’s that timeline again in case you missed it:

  • If you’ve ordered on/or prior to March 26th, 2021, we expect complete production in Q3, 2021.
  • The next batch is set to be delivered in Q4 2021 with only about 300 units remaining.
  • After that, we’re currently looking at completing the third production run in Q2 of 2022, with continual stock after that. We’re working to source more components to make this production run complete sooner! So, fingers crossed that we have an update announcing good news on that front as well!

Other Updates

Speaking of being on track, we’ve just received news that the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is in final review, and should be complete in 3 weeks. This is a BIG step forward for the electronics and one that was in flux given the potential need to redesign for more widely available chipsets, but we’re glad to say all is proceeding as it should. :

Thank you to everyone who’s supported us through this tumultuous time. We can’t wait to keep the good news rolling as we get closer to delivery!

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