Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you shipping a free valve 2.0 and what does that mean?

We've noticed reliability issues with the reservoir's valve (this does not affect the floss), so we are designing a new valve which we will send to everyone who receives the current valve for free. See more here.

How does Instafloss work?

Instafloss uses multiple water jets to give an effective and comfortable floss in only ten seconds. A small tank holds water which is pumped to the mouthpiece (at your desired pressure). The mouthpiece aims pulsing water jets at 90° to the gumline (the most effective cleaning angle, as per Eakle WS, et al.) on both sides, front and back, of your top and bottom teeth. As you sweep the handle from one side of your mouth to the other, the jets automatically floss 360° around every tooth.

What do you mean by “360 flossing”?

The purpose of flossing is to remove debris and bacteria from two places brushing cannot reach: 1. Between each tooth, and 2. Underneath the gumline around each tooth. String floss (and many water flossers) only clean between the teeth, missing out beneath the gumline all the way around each tooth. Instafloss automatically flosses everywhere, never
missing a single spot, for a full 360 degree floss.

Is Instafloss effective?

Our number one goal for creating the Instafloss was to create the most effective flosser. Period. 

Water flossing is:

● 151% as effective at reducing gingivitis (Barnes CM, et al.) 
● 129% as effective at removing plaque (Goyal CR, et al.)
● 200% as effective at reducing bleeding (Rosema NAM et al.) 

Additionally,Instafloss always aims at the dentist recommended 90 degree angle, something hard to do with other flosses. This provides a 50% deeper clean (Eakle WS, et al).

Will Instafloss hurt? Is the pressure adjustable?

Instafloss’ pulsing water jets feel much more comfortable than traditional string floss. With adjustable pressure, Instafloss can feel like a thorough gum massage even for sensitive gums. Start at the lowest setting and slowly increase the pressure to your comfort level. As your gum health improves, you will be able to comfortably handle higher pressures. Additionally, our testers report that warm water works better for those with sensitive teeth/gums.

How is Instafloss different from string floss?

Instafloss uses multiple water jets to give an effective and comfortable floss in only ten seconds. Water is more effective than string (see Q: “Is Instafloss effective?”) and feels better. Additionally, since water can get in tiny places, Instafloss can be used even in cases of crooked teeth, braces, etc.

How is Instafloss different from water flossers?

Other water flossers have only 1 jet that you must manually use, which means they take longer than string floss and they are difficult to aim correctly (90° to the gumline, including the backs of your teeth!). In contrast, Instafloss uses multiple jets to give a perfect water floss in only ten seconds. The jets are always aimed 90° to the gumline, floss 360° around every tooth, and they never miss a single spot.

Can I use Instafloss if I have crooked teeth, braces, a bridge, etc?

Yes! The Instafloss mouthpiece fits 98% of mouths, including variances and modifications. One of the advantages of water flossing is that water can get in tiny places that string cannot. For sensitive gums, start on the lowest pressure.

Can children use Instafloss?

Under adult supervision, yes. Start on the lowest pressure and be certain that your child understands the instructions.

How big is Instafloss?

Instafloss is a 5” diameter x 10” tall cylinder, small enough to fit smartly on your bathroom counter. The adult mouthpiece is sized to fit comfortably in 98% of adult mouths.

Can I change the mouthpiece for multiple users?

Yes, the mouthpieces are interchangeable, so multiple people can use the same device. Each mouthpiece will feature a color band so you know which mouthpiece belongs to which person.

How important is flossing for my health?

According to many dentists, flossing is even more important than brushing. Not flossing can cause inflammation and gum disease. People with gum disease are two- to three-times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. Pregnant women with gum disease are more likely to have preterm labor. Alzheimer’s, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, weight gain, and erectile dysfunction are all linked to gum health, most likely because of inflammation.

How much time will I save by using Instafloss?

Instafloss will save you about 2 minutes every time you floss. If you floss after every meal (as you should), over the course of a healthy adult-teeth life that’s 3,000 hours, which is 1.5 years’ worth of work days. When was the last time you had a paid vacation that long?

How much will shipping cost?

All shipping within the United States is free.

For international orders above $100 USD, shipping is $30 USD to Canada and $60 USD to the rest of the world. For international orders below $100 USD, shipping is $15 USD globally.

Are taxes and import fees included?

Taxes, VAT, GST, and/or import fees are not included in your order total. Sales tax will be collected in the state of Florida, and any import fees/taxes will need to be paid when you pick up your Instafloss.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes. Instafloss features a 30 day money-back guarantee. The 30 day period starts after delivery of your Instafloss. If you don't like your Instafloss for any reason, reach out to and we can authorize your return. Refunds will be processed after we receive your Instafloss unit.

Should I replace the mouthpiece every 3 months?

Yes, to ensure the best floss every time, we recommend replacing your mouthpiece every 3 months, as you should with your toothbrush heads. The reason for this is that mineral deposits from the water may slowly clog the precise channels inside the mouthpiece. To make this as convenient as possible, we offer a auto-replacement service where we send you new mouthpieces right on schedule at 33% off.