April 2023 Manufacturing Update

Welcome back to another exciting update on the progress of Instafloss! 

As always, we're dedicated to keeping you informed about the latest developments and milestones in the journey towards delivering a revolutionary oral hygiene experience. In this update, we're happy to report that everything remains on track, and we're eager to share some deeper insights into the manufacturing process with you.

Our team is in Mexico right now, where we’ll be staying for the next couple of months while we oversee the first production run directly. This is something that Eli Packouz, our CEO, has done with previous companies and their initial production runs. He found that being there directly ensured that the first products in customers hands would be top notch, and that’s the experience we’re looking to deliver for you with Instafloss. 

Check out this video of Dr. Ralf Raud testing the operation of the ultrasonic welding machine for the mouthpieces:

Pretty cool right?

At this point, everything in the factory is looking good and things are on track. The reservoirs we mentioned last update were completed and are en route to the factory as we write this. As you may recall we’re hoping to receive them in the factory by May 11-12th.

With that in mind, by next month's update we should be producing 250 units a day, which keeps us on track for filling a container with the first shipment of Instafloss during the week of June 5th.

We're thrilled with the progress we're making and are committed to delivering a top-notch product for you. Stay tuned for our next update, where we'll be sharing even more exciting news about production. Your continued support means the world to us, and we can't wait to bring Instafloss into your homes!

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So excited to hear if you’re still on track for shipping June 5th. Just over a week away!


WooHooooooooo!!! I can’t wait to get my pre-ordered unit. As an Investor, I’m thrilled to see your company’s dreams coming to fruition!!!

Jennifer Gempler

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