August Manufacturing Update: Still on Track for November, Mold Revisions Looking Good

Our manufacturing continues to move forwards according to plan, with newly molded parts looking great. Take a look at some of the revised parts fresh off the molds below.

Here’s the logo molded into the handle, the winner of the poll we ran a couple of updates ago. The camera doesn’t capture the contrast between the textured logo and smooth handle as prominently as it shows in real life, but you can get an idea here:


 Instafloss handle


And the revised reservoir with a light frosting effect on the base:


Resevoir for Water Flosser


As well as some light frosting applied to the lid:


Water Tank for Waterflosser


Finally, another neat detail which we wanted to share is the revised PCB. This PCB is the final version which will ship in all Instafloss units. The only difference between it and the PCBs we were using for testing is the length of the potentiometer and reset button. (The unit seen here is without the knob, which would cover the potentiometer.)


Instafloss' Adjustable water flosser control board


But that’s not what we wanted you to see, this is:


Instafloss Internals


Our manufacturer surprised us by printing our logo onto the control board. This little detail is a nice way to bring closure to our troubles securing many of the components on this very board. Seeing that logo there, along with our completed PCB is like a nice bow to wrap up the end of our electronics troubles and delays.

Here’s to hoping the world calms down and we don’t have trouble sourcing for future manufacturing runs, though if it doesn’t we’re more prepared now than ever before to deal with this kind of adversity.

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I am so glad that production is moving along. Because I struggle so much to handle flossers with my weak hands, I am really looking forward to using Instafloss.

Instafloss replied:
We’re glad to be approaching delivery too, Judy.

One of our goals in making Instafloss was enabling more people to floss by making it more accessible to those who find traditional methods difficult. We’re very excited to deliver your Instafloss.

With Smiles, The Instafloss Team

Judy Willour

I can’t wait to get my two units

Kirk Gossett

I like the way it looks. Very professional looking. It’s been a long road wondering if things will turn out ok. My wife was worried our money was for nothing but she is reassured when we get updates like this. Thank you!
Instafloss replied:
You’re very welcome, Derrick!

We’re glad you like the design – we can’t wait to make flossing quicker, more comfortable, and more effective for you and your wife!

With Smiles, The Instafloss Team


Looking forward to finally getting mine. Good luck on your progress!

Kathy McSteen

Thanks for the update. Hang in there.

Page Z Stephanie

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