December Manufacturing Update

December Manufacturing Update

Greetings Instafloss Family! Good tidings await; as we said in last month’s update, we successfully designed and prototyped (and prototyped and prototyped) a fix for the ‘siphon leak’ occurrence that many of you asked us to address. We can happily report that after customs holding our package for eight days (we make this piece in the USA and ship it to our factory), the pieces were successfully delivered to the factory, who worked day and night (including Saturday) so that a new shipment of Instafloss were picked up on Monday December 4th.

So if customs was supposed to hold the shipment for only one night, why did it linger in customs for eight nights? Our supplier arranged for a shipment of 4 boxes but (unbeknownst to us) managed to fit the entire shipment in only 3 boxes. Good on them, I guess. Customs was loath to release the three boxes as they waited fruitlessly for the “missing” fourth. Eventually they acquiesced to count the pieces and verified that the number in the three boxes was the number on the invoice.

As mentioned in the previous update, this next shipment is only 1 Instafloss, 1 Mouthpiece orders.

Rest assured we are doing everything in our power to ensure you receive your units as promptly as the universe allows. 

Because we have been shipping units all the time, we can say confidently that issues with the handle have been rectified, and the valve arrives more often in a working condition. There has been an uptick in shipping damage, unfortunately, but we’ve included stronger packing inserts for much of the latest shipment. However, there is evidence to suggest that no matter how strong we make the boxes, occasional units will attract the unwanted attention of extremely heavy boxes in transit, and suffer from crush damage. There isn’t much we can do about that, and we apologize to anyone who receives a broken unit. We will, of course, repair or replace them as quickly as we can.

The Instafloss team wishes you healthy habits in your happy holidays that lead to a sparkling smile.

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