Engineering complete! Now we ask you: How should the Instafloss look? | Dev Blog #2

We’ve spent three years engineering Instafloss and over a year testing it to make sure you get the most effective floss possible. However, since we’ve been entirely focussed on the science, the Instafloss works perfectly but currently looks like this:

Instafloss Prototype Dismantled, Showing the pump, inlet, and hose as well as noise dampening features unique to our water flossing design.

We’re on our way to starting manufacturing, but first we need to make the outside as beautiful as the inside is functional.

You are one of the first Instafloss insiders, so it’s only fair you have a say in how it looks. We’ve prepared two designs for you:

water flosser exterior designsWater Pik Alternative Prototype Desings
10 second flossing device with near final design renders


NOTE: As of March 3rd, 2020 voting for the design is closed. As of October 23rd, 2020 voting for color preference is also closed. Winning colors were Mint, Grey, Black, and White.

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