February Manufacturing Update: Individual Component Testing

February Manufacturing Update: Individual Component Testing

As mentioned in January’s update, we began receiving molded parts for testing and quality control. More parts have come in and will continue to come in as we move into March, with quality of all parts being great and little to no revisions needed at this time.

To be clear, this isn’t the final assembly quality control (where we test the fully assembled Instafloss), but rather the QC and testing of each individual component to ensure it meets our requirements.

Here’s a couple of pictures of new parts out of our molds:

Inlet valve assembly

Pictured above is the inlet valve assembly, and below the cylinder sleeve.

Cylinder Sleeve

Addressing the Ukrainian, Russian and Belurusian conflict

We’ve received some questions as to whether or not the ongoing invasion by Russia and Belarus into Ukraine will impact our timeline.

First and foremost, we hope that the loss of human life ceases as soon as possible and that the territorial borders of Ukraine be respected by Russia and Belarus. The loss of life and suffering that is being caused is a tragedy and one that we hope is resolved via level heads and peaceful negotiations.

As for whether or not it impacts us, none of our parts nor business partners are out of Russia, Belarus or Ukraine, so the situation has not impacted us nor do we foresee it impacting our operations.

Given the rapidly evolving nature of the conflict, we’ll be monitoring closely (who isn’t?) and update you if we become impacted, but again, we don’t foresee any impacts at this time.

Next Steps

We expect to wrap up these tolerance and QC checks on the 70+ individual components within the next month. After, we’ll be flying out to our manufacturing plant in Mexico to do a complete QC walk through ensuring that everything from waterproofing of the units to performance of the final assembled pieces is meeting or exceeding benchmarks.

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Why are you no longer sending updates via email? I never received this one.
Instafloss replied:
Hello Joe,

The updates should be sent via email whenever we post them here. Try
searching your inbox for “Instafloss update” and see if they come up —
perhaps they’re being filtered to your spam or promotions folder. If you
haven’t been receiving them lately, please email Smile@Instafloss.com and
we will troubleshoot it together :)


I’m sorry to bother you but I have been waiting a ridiculously long time. I have been patient, but haven’t received an update in almost 2 months.

The last I heard was shipping in Q1. I don’t want to be unkind, but you have had my money forever and not an insubstantial amount. Is this moving forward?

Many thanks.

Instafloss replied:
Hello Darlene,

Not a bother at all! We are moving forward with production, and will fly
down to our facility shortly to oversee and run extensive quality testing
on a small batch manufacturing run. I see that your email is signed up to
receive our monthly updates — try searching your inbox for “Instafloss
manufacturing update” to make sure we’re not going to your spam or
promotions folder so you can stay in the loop. We’ve just posted our March
update. Unfortunately, it announces a delay. The good news is that it’s a
relatively short one, and we are still targeting a Q2 ship date for your
pre-order. If you ever want to reach out to us directly, please feel free
to do so at Smile@Instafloss.com :)


Do we have a timeline on when the product will be finished and finally shipped out to us?
Instafloss replied:
Hello Joy,

We’ve just posted our March update — if you haven’t seen it yet, please
check it out! We are still targeting a Q2 delivery date for your pre-order,
and will continue to post our monthly updates.

Joy V Cooper

Where is the March manufacturing update?
Instafloss replied:
Hello Paul,

We’ve posted to our blog. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet :)

Paul Blumstein

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