Instafloss Revised Manufacturing and Delivery Timeline

We’ve been working our tails off in the last month to finalize our choice of manufacturing partner for Instafloss, and get the ball rolling on the manufacturing process

Just this morning, the fruits of those labors arrived on our desks (well metaphorically speaking, it’s actually in our email inboxes). We’ve received a complete detailing of the revised manufacturing and delivery timeline from our new manufacturing partner. Speaking of, who is our partner?

Our Manufacturing Partner

As we mentioned in the previous update, the individual components that make up the Instafloss require precision within a tenth of a millimeter (.003 inches). Our manufacturing consultant (who’s worked with other major dental device manufacturers in the past) advised us to look to a manufacturing partner who could reliably deliver parts with the highest quality and reliability.

While we can’t name any names due to confidentiality agreements, we can say that our partner has been responsible for medical devices and precision safety sensors used by several well known car companies as well as full assembly for several household name brands.

In other words, you likely already trust your life to the products created by our partner, so we’re confident that you’ll be able to trust Instafloss to take care of your teeth

The New Delivery and Manufacturing Timeline

When will Instafloss Ship?

As you can see above, Instafloss is expected to start shipping in July 2021. Luckily, since our manufacturing partner is based in Mexico, and thus there’s no need for overseas shipping, the shipping time for orders within North America should be much quicker.

We will be providing updates at each stage of production, allowing you to follow along and see our progress towards delivery of your Instafloss.

Keep Smiling,

The Instafloss Team

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