June Manufacturing Update: Logo Size and Positioning Poll

We’ve continued to work hard since the last update, making progress on the issues we mentioned in our last update, but we also have another exciting development we’d like your input on first.

Logo Placement Poll

Recently, our manufacturing partners came up with a clever method using texturing on the handle to display the logo, while also adding some additional traction when you are using the Instafloss.

We love this idea. The previous plan was to print the logo, which is in hindsight, pretty meh.

The trouble is that internally we’re split on which option we think looks best for the placement and size of the logo. This is where you come in: below is a link to a poll (using Google Forms) in which you can vote on which placement and size you feel is best. There’s only a few options, so it should take no more than a minute or two to answer the poll.

Click here to go to the poll.

Update on Progress with Fixing the Molds

If you read the previous update, you’ll know we had trouble with two of our molds that required us to rework them. These were the mold for the cylinder liner sleeve and the mold for the gearbox housing.

As of now, the fixes we’re implementing are still in progress, so we’ve not yet had a chance to test the changes, but in the meantime we wanted to shed some additional light on the complexity of these changes.

Check out the video below where we take a look at the gearbox mold and the changes being made.

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Hello! I visited your website to see if there were any updates on when we can expect the Instafloss we ordered in June of 2021. When I attempted to log in to contact you, it said I don’t have an account at the email address given, which is where I receive your emails. I am moving soon and want to make sure that we receive the product we ordered last summer. I see the website now lists the expected date at Q4 of 2022…do you expect many more delays as this is a year past the original date given?

Instafloss replied:
Hello Kathryn,

Thanks for your comment! I see that you placed an order under a different email address than the one you left this comment with – if you’d like more details about which email address your order is under, or if you’d like to update your shipping address, please email us at smile@instafloss.com and we’d be happy to help you out :)

We don’t anticipate further delays, and hope that once we fix the issues we found with our molds (the subject of our May update) we can complete manufacturing and deliver your Instafloss!

With Smiles, The Instafloss Team

Kathryn McAdams

Hello there! Can’t wait for my instafloss to arrive! It will be life changing.

I will be moving in July and would like to update my ship to address.
Instafloss replied:
And we can’t wait to deliver your Instafloss! Thank you for your support and patience as we manufacture. Email us at smile@instafloss.com and we’d be happy to assist you with a change of address :)

With Smiles, The Instafloss Team

Ms Margie

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