March 2023 Manufacturing Update

All manufacturing is going according to plan, with no further changes to the timeline. In case you missed last update, here’s that timeline again:

Our reservoirs are expected to be completed on April 15th. 4-5 days after that, we expect them to be shipped to Mexico (where final assembly occurs). The expected arrival date to arrive at the factory is May 11-12th.

We want to ramp to 250 units/day by the end of May, and expect to fill a container with the first shipment of Instafloss to the USA sometime in the week of June 5th.

As we’ve done in the past with these business as usual updates, we like to take the chance to give you a behind the scenes look at the manufacturing of the product. This time, we’ll take a look at how each mouthpiece is created.

How the Mouthpieces are Made:

Because of the complex shape of our mouthpieces, we had to turn to specialized manufacturing processes to create the final product. One of which is ultrasonic welding, a process in which parts are locally vibrated at high (ultrasonic) frequencies while placed under pressure to create a solid weld.

We were able to get our partners (who we’ll be visiting again soon!) to send over this video of the process.

Note that the parts for the mass manufacturing run will be made sanitized using UV light and handled with gloves during manufacturing.

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