May 2023 Manufacturing Update

May 2023 Manufacturing Update

Greetings once again from Mexico where we’re directly overseeing the final stages of Instafloss manufacturing.

We’re thrilled to be starting the final assembly phase of Instafloss, which is both great news, but for the keen eyed amongst you, slightly off from our original timeline. Originally we had hoped to be producing 250 units each day by this update, but as we’re all well aware, life doesn’t always go according to plan.

The reservoirs we were expecting delivery for on the 11-12th were held up for a customs issue (see the end of the update for the long drawn out explanation). Navigating international shipping customs can always come with a few challenges, but we visited the customs clearance warehouse Wednesday to check over the units and bring them to the factory:

Instafloss reservoir received after customs delay

Each Reservoir is bagged for hygiene and the outside has an anti-scratch film to keep it shiny for you!

With the assembly stage kicking off, we are eager to achieve our next milestone of producing 250 units a day. Although this slight delay has shifted our plans by two weeks, we're still working diligently to begin shipping out the first batch of Instafloss, now during the week of June 19th.

Step one, which we’re doing right now, is to train the assembly line technicians on manufacturing procedures. Below you can see a video of one of the steps of assembly, where our assembly line technicians are learning how to properly apply adhesives on the Instafloss.

Intriguing, isn’t it?

As promised, here’s the long version of the customs issue:

In the end it was the result of a mixup in the manifest. We had originally tried to get a smaller shipment out before Chinese New Year, but parts weren’t actually completed on time (see the February update about the reservoirs). Thus, when parts were assembled into their respective containers, there was a mixup in how the boxes were labeled. Customs did not appreciate opening boxes and finding things in them that were not on the list!

Also, one pallet of extra motors fell apart and customs was not happy about having to count that either. (Don’t worry, all motors have been tested and are still functioning perfectly, so this won’t present a problem for our manufacturing timeline.)

Instafloss Motors

We can't express enough how grateful we are for your ongoing patience and support during this journey. As always, we are doing everything we can to ensure the first Instafloss units in your hands are nothing short of perfection.

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So close so close so close!!!! For us that have been waiting years, another month or two to wait is nothing. Is there a way to find out what # on the list we are for shipping? Thank you for all your hard work!!!


Great news on the progress. Is there a location on the website to show estimated shipping for the various batches? When will the second batch ship?


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