about us

Founded in 2017, Instafloss is the result of our team spending countless hours of work, hyperfocused on one belief: That we could make flossing faster, easier, and more effective. It started as just an idea: an automatic floss in just 10 seconds. After countless prototypes and over a year and a half of human testing proving our idea worked, we took our creation to Kickstarter where we revealed it to the world.

Then came the supporters, 15,650 and counting to be exact. Each and every one of our customers is helping to drive a revolution in oral care. Currently, 70% of people do not floss regularly or correctly. Instafloss is changing that.

Instafloss is bringing innovation to the oral care space on a level that hasn’t been seen since 1962, when water flossers were first invented. Our unique take on water flossing has led to incredible advancements in comfort, speed, and effectiveness of oral irrigation.