Valve 1.0 Information

The Instafloss features a detachable water reservoir on top, equipped with a valve. This valve automatically closes when the reservoir is removed from the Instafloss unit and opens again when the reservoir is put back. This design allows you to conveniently fill the reservoir at the sink and transport it back to the Instafloss without any water leakage.

With our valve 1.0 design, some valves are getting stuck in the open position. Consequently, if your reservoir's valve is stuck, water might leak from its base on the way from the sink to the unit. It's important to note that this does not impact the flossing functionality, as the valve is supposed to be open when the reservoir is mounted on the unit.

We are designing an improved version - Valve 2.0. We will ship this upgraded valve free of charge to everyone with the original version (Valve 1.0), when it is ready. It is very easy to pop out the old valve and pop in the new one.

In the meantime, if you're experiencing issues with Valve 1.0, our support team is ready to assist with several potential fixes. Nevertheless, the most reliable workaround until Valve 2.0 arrives is to fill the reservoir using a pitcher while it remains attached to the Instafloss unit.