December Update: Happy Holidays and Some Light Reading

December Update: Happy Holidays and Some Light Reading

As of now we’re still waiting for our manufacturing window in Q1, with no major news that affects our previously given timeline. We’re excited to be able to start sharing detailed updates of the manufacturing process, but until then we wish you all a merry holiday season and happy new year! Have a wonderful time and stay safe out there, everyone!

Stay smiling,

The Instafloss Team


P.S. As we all know, time with family often leads to hot topic debates, and no such topic stresses out family time like flossing. If you’re in search of some light reads to aid your arguments debates conversations during the holidays, check out our some of the posts on the Instafloss blog:

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I am looking forward to receiving my order this year! My dentist will be impressed :)
Instafloss replied:
We can’t wait to bring Instafloss to you, Anelle! Looking forward to making your dentist proud :)

Anelle Rugebregt

I can’t wait for your water floss. I know your product will change the way we clean our teeth forever globally. I hope your company makes it during this great shortage. Everyone will use less teeth cleaning products for sure once we get ahold of your instafloss.
Instafloss replied:
Thank you for your kind words, Ms. Margie! We’re very excited to bring you a better floss. Our hope is that more people will floss regularly once we make it fast, comfortable, and effective. Especially since so much of our health (inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, alzheimers, arthritis…) is linked to our oral health, this is a very important mission for us. We’re getting closer and closer to it now, and can’t wait to deliver an Instafloss to your door!

Ms. Margie

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