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October Update: Chips Have Finally Come In!

The chips we’ve been struggling so much to get in hand are finally in. As we previously mentioned (multiple times), we’ve had an outstanding order for thousands of chips that has been unfulfilled since April!

This order was delayed twice, but we’ve finally received the chips. This means we’re ready to go ahead with manufacturing in Q1 2022 when our manufacturer’s next window opens up.

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We understand that many of you look forward to reading the detailed updates each month, and while we don’t have much to go over in this update, we do still share detailed information and thoughts about oral care in general on our blog. If you haven’t seen any of our latest posts, here’s some of the most popular:

We’re also working on a complete guide to sensitive teeth and gum care that is based on some Facebook comments we’ve replied to and will definitely be a hit. Be sure to join our newsletter below to be the first to know about that.

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So once manufacturing begins in Q1 2022, how soon can we start to see shipments rolling out?
Instafloss replied:
Hello Jeffrey,

Units should start shipping out in Q2 2022. Looking forward to bringing you a floss you’ll love!

Jeffrey Jacobs

SO exciting! I know we have all been waiting so long to see this whole thing succeed, plus have an awesome way to floss. I can’t wait to get mine!

Jen DeLong

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