September Manufacturing Update

You know that component we’ve been waiting for? We still haven’t received it… And it’s going to set manufacturing back to the end of Q1 2022 at this point. 😩

Why is this causing such a lengthy delay?

This is a similar situation to what many other manufacturers have been dealing with in the past year, however in our case, while we’ve ordered key components well ahead of time, those orders have been delayed multiple times. Now, those delays have resulted in a new issue. 

We require a full month of our manufacturer’s time and manufacturing floor to build and Q/A Instafloss. Previously, with the anticipated delays in the part responsible for controlling our motor, our manufacturer was able to be very accommodating in reserving that time for us, but now with the latest delay in our parts delivery, we aren’t able to retain that same manufacturing window. The next closest window is at the end of Q1.

We are incredibly upset by this development, but there’s little we can do besides wait. As we’ve mentioned previously, we engineered Instafloss to be compatible with a wide range of components, but this particular component has no near peer alternatives. 

On top of that, we ordered this part all the way back in 2020, which should’ve given us plenty of wiggle room to get it in time for manufacturing, but the supply shortages and shipping issues have resulted in a disruption to the global supply chain never before seen.

At this point, we’ve got all other steps in manufacturing complete and are merely waiting on this part delivery and then the next manufacturing window.

We’re in this together 

We’re frustrated, and we know you are too. Those who’ve pre-ordered are our biggest supporters helping to turn Instafloss into reality, so you’re just as much a part of this process as we are, and know how frustrating it is to be told there’s another delay.

This is especially true considering that we’ve already received shipping quotes, already have all other parts ready, and are merely delayed by one component.

It’s similar to how Ford has tens of thousands of vehicles sitting incomplete in parking lots near their factories for the same reason.

For those of you that have been understanding during this time, we’re extremely grateful for your continued support. We have gotten our fair share of outrage for delays, and we don’t blame you in the least. We will continue to answer every question in a timely manner.

We have also been encouraged by those of you with kind words of support as we bring this game-changer to market for the first time. Thank you.

As ironic as it is that the world’s fastest floss is taking so long to get out of the factory, I think we’ll look back at these times and be proud of what we’ve done. Over 70% of people in the developed world do not floss (and those who do are likely doing it wrong). This is a terrifying statistic and one we hope to put a dent in. Hopefully, in the near future, we’ll read the updated metrics and know that we helped improve the health of millions. It just took a little longer than we thought.


Oct 24, 2021 • Posted by Kellianne Elliott

Thanks for the update. I have emailed the company a few times in the hopes of cancelling my pre-order and saving us both the time and energy of going through that process later on — will you please help me cancel this order? Thanks and best of luck!
Instafloss replied:
Not a problem Kellianne, I’ll refund your pre-order now! We apologize that you haven’t been assisted yet — did you email I’ve searched and couldn’t find any emails from you.

Oct 10, 2021 • Posted by Elaine Colfer

So if the product is not mailed out before Christmas, I will have to give you a new address
Instafloss replied:
Not a problem, Elaine! Please email us at and we’d be happy to assist you with that.

Oct 10, 2021 • Posted by Edward T Woods

Thanks for the update. I appreciate the update
Instafloss replied:
You’re very welcome, Edward! We’ll continue to post them :)

Oct 10, 2021 • Posted by Craig A. White

Thank you for the helpful update.
I can’t believe I will need to wait at least another 6 months for delivery.
Instafloss replied:
You’re very welcome, Craig. We’re disappointed too, but unfortunately there’s nothing we can do but wait. We will continue to work on the things we can in the meantime to ensure you get the best possible end product, and will continue to keep you in the loop with our regular updates. We’re excited to bring you a floss you’ll love!

Oct 11, 2021 • Posted by Roberto Dominguez Felix

Thank you for the update and it’s really unfortunate of the situation. I don’t want to sound like a freeloader, but I was wondering since I wanted to purchase an additional removable mouthpiece, if any could be added to my order.

Instafloss replied:
Hello Roberto. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. We wish we could offer some type of perk to make up for the wait (aside from the discount off the retail price of $299), but unfortunately, due to the shortages and price spikes from suppliers this is not financially tenable for us. We look forward to bringing you a floss you’ll love!

Oct 10, 2021 • Posted by Rebecca Phillips

Hang in there! As I’m sure you know all too well, you’re not the only ones struggling with delays. I ordered a 2020 Christmas present for my husband (in early November of 2020) that, as of Sept 2021, still hasn’t even been manufactured yet. Might end up being a Christmas 2022 present, instead! ;)

I have no doubts that the instafloss will be well worth the wait!
Instafloss replied:
Thank you for your kind words, Rebecca! We’ll keep hanging in there, and we’ll keep doing our best to ensure that your Instafloss will have been worth the wait.

Oct 10, 2021 • Posted by Sarah Biggerstaff

Thank you so much for the update. I was just thinking of your company today as I got a crown replaced and how much I’m looking forward to this product helping my dental care routine. It sounds like a long wait, but I’ve also waited 39 years to find some thing that actually makes flossing an easy part of my daily routine!
Instafloss replied:
You’re very welcome, Sarah! Thank you for your patience. We agree — flossing has been too tedious for too many for far too long. 70% of Americans skip out on flossing entirely, mostly because of the perceived hassle. We’re hoping to reduce those numbers — more people will floss if we can make it fast, comfortable, and effective. Especially since so much of our health (inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, alzheimers, arthritis…) is linked to our oral health, this is a very important mission for us.

We want to release Instafloss as soon as possible, but are ensuring that no corners are cut when it comes to the quality of the end result. We can’t wait to make flossing easier for you.

Oct 11, 2021 • Posted by Edward

Thank you for the update.
Instafloss replied:
You’re very welcome, Edward!

Oct 10, 2021 • Posted by Darlene

Thanks for the update. As disappointing as this is, I am still looking forward to eventual delivery. I am one of the70%.

Stay strong. We’ll get there!
Instafloss replied:
You’re very welcome, Darlene. Thank you for your patience, and for sticking with us. We’ll continue doing our best to deliver Instafloss as soon as possible, and will keep you updated throughout the process.

Oct 10, 2021 • Posted by Kim Schlegel-Jones

Hello. I was just wondering if it’s a manufacturing delay, or just due to shipping. I could possibly help a bit if it is just the shipping and no customs issues.
Instafloss replied:
Hello Tim. Thank you so much for offering to help, but unfortunately this is not a shipping issue. Production of the specialized components we need was shut down during covid when demand for electronics skyrocketed, leading to a massive backlog of orders. However, we fully expect to receive them by our next manufacturing window, at which time we can go full steam ahead with production.

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