February 2024 Manufacturing Update

It's that time again where we pull back the curtain and give you a sneak peek into the wizardry going on in the manufacturing realm of Instafloss. February's been a mix of high-fives and “hmm's”, particularly regarding valve 2.0

Let’s start with the good news. Our engineers are rockstars, and the Valve 2.0 design is exactly what we dreamed of. We’ve been testing them for 2 months now and they’ve been sealing perfectly, not changing shape or leaking over time. 

Now for the part that had us going “hmmmmmmm”. Our initial test batch of 50 units had the audacity to be leaky! Upon close inspection we found some slight deformities which were causing the leaks. The silver lining here is that these deformities are a simple issue with the mold that should be resolvable with a quick remachine of one surface.

It’s kind of like wearing your shirt backwards all day - a quick switch, and everything’s right in the world again. 

In the grand scheme of things, this is a minor hiccup on our journey to bring you the best dental hygiene experience possible. We're polishing this issue away like a dentist on a coffee stained tooth (something we’re all too familiar with given all the coffee we've been pounding down to get Instafloss units delivered.) 

We're confident that Valve 2.0 will be living up to its prototype's promise and can’t wait to begin sending out those new valves. If the next sample is approved that should be in late April, but if it’s disapproved it’ll be a month longer to get another sample completed.

So, there you have it – a little update from the world of Instafloss. Thanks for sticking with us through every high, low, and leaky valve. We're committed to transparency, continuous improvement, and of course, making the tooth fairy proud. 

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