Instafloss Dec. Manufacturing Update: On Time + Addressing Scams

As usual we’ve been hard at work ensuring that the manufacturing goes smoothly for Instafloss, but that’s not all that’s in store for this update. 😊 Let’s start with manufacturing and then move onto some other updates that we’re excited to share with you.

Manufacturing Remains on Time

We continue to adhere to the overall timeline laid out in our October update, which keeps us on track for July 2021 delivery. 

We’ve already begun the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) for our second set of molds. If you’re unfamiliar, this basically means we’re reviewing the following:

  • Resins to be used
  • Angles on all surfaces
  • Thickness of the design 
  • Parting lines
  • And finish types

Analyzing these factors now helps us to foresee any potential manufacturing problems prior to them occurring during production, and thus will eliminate delays and quality issues

On another front, fixtures manufacturing has been delayed until the New Year. But, we have room to delay this without any consequences because it’s non-critical to the overall timeline (as seen below).

Instafloss Delivery Timeline

Green = complete, blue stripes = in progress on time, and yellow stripes = in progress with delay

Lastly, we’ve chosen suppliers for all mechanical components, and we’re finalizing negotiations on part warranties. Parts warranties won’t have any major impact on pre-orders as we’re already offering you an industry leading 3 year warranty on your Instafloss. 😊 

Avoiding Scams

Our Kickstarter page, IndieGoGo page, and these two websites ( and are the only official URLs for Instafloss. We stress that because it has come to our attention that there are a few websites out there defrauding individuals looking to take better care of their dental hygiene. 

This deeply saddens us as not only does it interfere with our goals of bringing better oral care habits to the world, it hurts our reputation too. These sites are using the same images and videos as ours but are sending either A) no product at all or B) a product that is a cheap, untested imitation of our design.

If you spot a site that you think may be a scam, please email us at

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