Jan. Manufacturing Update: On Time with Non-Critical Delays

Dear Instafloss Backers,

Jumping right into the update, we continue to be on track for shipping in July, as we’ve stated previously. There are some non-critical delays but they aren’t impacting the overall timeline as there is room for those delays within the timeline (seen below):

Green = complete, blue stripes = in progress on time, and yellow stripes = in progress with delay

Here’s the specifics:

  • We’ve begun mold manufacturing part 2.
  • The production board issue mentioned in November’s update is still giving us some trouble and thus leading to further delay on fixtures design, but this still has no impact on the overall timeline for shipping/delivery.
  • Mold manufacturing part 1 is underway with no reported delays.

We’ll be updating you again in February at which point we should either have completed or be nearing completion of the first set of molds and fixtures design.

Keep Smiling,

The Instafloss Team

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